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Thursday, September 15, 2005

One Way Magazine Aug/Sept. CD

One Way Magazine is a freebie music-promoting mag that includes a CD. According to the cover of my issue, it's "free in L.A. and San Francisco." According to the One Way website, it's distributed to targeted locations in Los Angeles County and Orange County and by subscription "all over the world." A subscription is $25 for 6 issues/year in the U.S, $55 for an international subscription. Their website tells us their "mission" is to "showcase new music by both established and developing artists to adult eclectic listeners and to promote a music lifestyle." But not to all adult listeners. 24 or under? Not in or around L.A. or the O.C.? Eh, you're not really their target audience and I'm not so sure you should download any of these songs. They may not be for you, pal. No offense. May I suggest Kidz Bop?

Hey, no hard feelings. I was a whippersnapper once myself. Here's a song.

mp3:Kidz Bop Kids - Since U Been Gone (from Kidz Bop, Vol. 8)

Now why not stop loitering here and move along to the next post. I didn't post any of the dirty Tenacious D tracks, so it's relatively nice and kid-friendly. Enjoy!

Streaming audio for the current and previous issues of One Way is available online and those 25+ are invited to enjoy it at the One Way website.

One Way Aug/Sep (Issue 16) Track Listing (since it's a freebie promotional CD, I figure it's cool to post the whole thing):

1. mp3:Anoushka Shankar - Beloved (from Rise)
2. mp3:Raul Midon - Keep On Hoping (from State of Mind. Initially had this mistitled and mistagged -- sorry about that! Reuploaded it with corrected title/tag)
3. mp3:Amos Lee - Arms of a Woman (from Amos Lee. I think this is really good)
4. mp3:Les Paul, Keith Richards, Buddy Guy - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (from Les Paul and Friends)
5. mp3:Dandy Warhols - Smoke It (from Odditorium or Warlords of Mars Hey, it's the "I think I could happily never hear this song again" song! Never let it be said that I am dogmatic, or unwilling to revisit an issue or a song. But, uh, yeah... still not terribly fond of it. There was some toe-tappage, but this is unlikely to become the song in my heart at any given moment)
6. mp3:Idlewild - Love Steals Us From Loneliness (from Warnings/Promises. I've posted this song before. I like it, I like the pronounciation of "stupid" in particular, like Idlewild in general. Oh, and I like that album title)
7. mp3:Low Millions - Here She Comes (from Ex-Girlfriends)
8. mp3:Waking Ashland - I Am For You (from Composure)
9. mp3:Anberlin - A Day Late (from Never Take Friendship Personal)
10. mp3:Dizmas - Let This One Stay (from On a Search In America)
11. mp3:Number One Gun - We Are (from Promises For the Imperfect)
12. mp3:Emery - Studying Politics (from The Question. Quite like this)
13. mp3:The Evan Anthem - Zeroes and Threes (from Sens)
14. mp3:Mae - Suspension (from The Everglow. Pretty good, catchy)
15. mp3:Robbie Seay Band - Better Days (from Better Days. The opening lyrics turned me off to this pretty quickly; the rest mostly was mostly an improvement with the exception of an order to "listen to me now", which made me want to not listen to him. Order me around, will ya? Hmph. Come up with a song I really adore and I might be slightly more receptive to bossy lyrics)
16. mp3:Marjorie Fair - Empty Room (from Self Help Serenade. Another song I've posted before; I like this a lot)
17. mp3:Tristan Prettyman - Love Love Love (from Twentythree. Tristan Prettyman is the name of a female person, and not a band. I'd wager she has never met another Tristan Prettyman).
18. mp3:Bethany Dillon - New (from Imagination)
19. mp3:Bernadette Peters - Children Will Listen (from Sondheim, Etc.. No, they won't. I asked them to move on to the next post. They're obedient these days, aren't they? If you bribe them? This is not something I would post if not for posting the entire contents of the CD. It's pretty out there)


Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

yeah, i too have run into this rag on the streets of Hell Lay

4:05 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

You were "targeted"! Though I wasn't on the streets; I was in a bookstore. I must have been part of the more literate or "square" target audience (but I was totally just buying books as birthday presents. I don't even know how to read). There were quite a few songs I liked on this CD, and I've picked up their mag/CD before and liked some of the songs then too. I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth when it's bearing a decent-looking CD...

9:30 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Um, I didn't mean to call you illiterate or "less literate" I meant to mock the whole marketing thing. Hey, look, a squirrel!

2:28 PM  

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