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Friday, September 16, 2005

New Pornographers on Conan tonight/Mr. T's Pity the Fool

The New Pornographers are on Late Night With Conan O'Brien tonight -- his show is scheduled for 12:37AM EST. TV airtimes are getting increasingly weird. Set yer TiVo and/or DVR and/or VCR -- should be cool.

Also at the Conan site, I noticed quotes and a pic from a Mr. T-enhanced In the Year 2000 sketch from before Mr. T gave up his gold chains. After Hurricane Katrina, the deeply religious Mr. T gave them up because he felt they were an insult to God. The above linked USA Today article discusses Mr. T's TV Land program Pity the Fool, in which he plans to help people in various sorts of predicaments. Examples given were Mr. T "suiting up to work at a car dealership to assist a saleswoman who is being harassed by her male co-workers" or helping a parent whose kid is hanging out "with the wrong crowd." He has moved from Chicago to Sherman Oaks, California to film the show. Tough break, Chi-town. Feel for ya. Mr. T provided the following possible sneak preview of a variation of one of his classic, beloved catchphrases, "I might say, 'Don't be disrespecting no lady, fool.'" I can hardly wait. <- not sarcasm

mp3:The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed (from Electric Version)

mp3:The New Pornographers - Letter From an Occupant (from Mass Romantic)

mp3:The New Pornographers - Mystery Hours (from Mass Romantic)

mp3:The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (from Twin Cinema)

mp3:The Mr. T Experience - Crash (from ...And the Women Who Love Them and the compilation Before You Were Punk)


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