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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

NME CD: The Soundtrack of Your Summer

NME takes a look back at summer with their freebie The Soundtrack of Your Summer CD, featuring "14 summer festival hits". Didn't make it to many of the UK festivals this year (none, actually). Some of these songs were very familiar, and I'd never heard some of them before. The NME cover boasts "CD includes INDIE supergroup track!" All the words are in caps, but indie is especially huge." The groups on that track are identified in smaller print (The Rakes, Bloc Party, and Towers of London). How does it sound? Does it matter? It's INDIE! (I think it's great). I like the CD overall, and am thinking of starting to use "indie" as slang for "great" or "awesome" just to inject it with some real meaning. Sample uses: 1) "Have you heard the new Rilo Kiley song? It's really indie, man!" 2) Did you see Martha Stewart's Apprentice? "You didn't fail, you just didn't fully succeed." She is so indie.

The Soundtrack of Your Summer Track Listing:

1. Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
2. Kaiser Chiefs - Take My Temperature
3. mp3:Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales of San Francisco
4. The Little Flames - Put Your Dukes Up, John
5. mp3:Editors - Lights
6. mp3:The Cribs - You Were Always the One
7. mp3:Maximo Park - Graffiti (live in Japan)
8. Boy Kills Boy - Last of the Great
9. Juliette & the Licks - American Boy Vol. 2
10. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl
11. The Longest - Dead Man
12. mp3:Art Brut - Formed a Band (I love Art Brut)
13. British Sea Power - Please Stand Up (just posted this the other day).
14. mp3:The Rakes feat. Bloc Party, Maximo Park, and Towers of London - 22 Grand Job (Live at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival)


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