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Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Anti-Valentine's Songs

A few more songs against the sweet Valentine's Day grain. The lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey, you-and-me against the world lovefest is to commence soon. If your teeth started to ache reading the preceding sentence... well, you have been warned. And sowry, muffin!

You stay away from me,
because you know I'm good for you
and you are masochistic too.
The reason I want you so much
is 'cause I know you're no good for me,
so together we are perfect don't ya see?

Patti Rothberg - Treat Me Like Dirt (on Between the 1 & the 9)

Please... if you want to leave, then get out
And if you want another reason, you'll just wait too long
'Cause it takes you so long to get it right

Little Red Rocket - Lies (on It's In The Sound)

How's the love life?
Not good?

The Cooper Temple Clause - Did You Miss Me? (on See This Through and Leave)

How could I have ever left you?

The 6ths - San Diego Zoo (on Wasps' Nests)

In time, memories fade
Senses numb
One forgets how it feels
To have loved completely

Pedro the Lion - The Longest Winter (on It's Hard to Find a Friend)


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