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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sufjan Concert Tonight... Opening Acts: Liz Janes and Bunky

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[singsong]Someone's going to see Sufjan Stevens tonight. [/singsong] Someone who is especially lucky, because she wasn't paying enough attention to know he was in town until last night, at which time Ticketmaster's site was down for maintennance, and the venue's site wasn't processing ticket sales for that show. At 8 AM, Ticketmaster wouldn't let me buy two freaking tickets. I even tried to purchase two nonfreaking tickets but that was a no-go as well. An attempt to purchase one ticket, however, went through. It was a golden ticket, if you will. Too much? Yeah, I know. Seriously, I am pretty surprised the show wasn't already sold out and I'll get to go at all. Is L.A. just not that hip? Ticketmaster still doesn't list the show as sold out. They haven't let me buy another ticket, though, so it sure seems sold out.

Well, hey, without the distraction of human companionship, I'll be better able to concentrate on the show, and write about it much more compellingly (or at least more accurately). Wait, that sounds like pressure... just a sec... nope, still can't buy another ticket.

Never seen Sufjan, looking forward to it. Expecting a killer mosh pit.

Linkage:Interview with Sufjan at The Onion A.V. Club

mp3:Sufjan Stevens - Holland

The opening acts are Liz Janes and Bunky.

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Liz Janes' website isn't active yet, but her label describes her voice and sound thusly: "hushed contra alto vocal stylings" combining "the understated elements of Negro spirituals, love ballads, and traditional folk songs." Her previous work is described as having "bells and whistles," whereas her upcoming album is more "minimalist."

mp3:Liz Janes - Wonderkiller (has bells and whistles, to be sure... some might call this "an angry chick song," not me though... wouldn't want to make anyone think I am showing disrespect. It is not just that I'm afraid someone might write an angry chick song about chicks who don't show enough respect to other chicks. Really, nothing against all angry chick songs per se, this one just isn't quite my thing...)

mp3:Liz Janes - Proposition (also not my cup of tea. I'm hoping she will play a more minimalist set, or somehow otherwise sound a bit different)

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Bunky claims "bloggers are barfing w/joy" about their first LP. They want you to buy it from their record label "because they're our record label and then they get more money and they can buy us new outfits and pilates dvds. owch." I am endeared. I've heard a couple of their songs before... possibly from barfing bloggers, possibly from a music mag. They should be fun live. The group consists of Emily Joyce on vocals and drums and Rafter Roberts on vocals and guitars, and an apparently rotating cast of members of San Diego bands like Black Heart Procession, Pinback, Rocket From the Crypt, and Castanets.

mp3:Bunky - yes-no

mp3:Bunky - BaBa


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