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Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day of Love

Greetings, all. Hope you've been enjoying a resplendent Labor Day, especially if you live in the States, where the wish is most relevant today.

I'm posting a few songs loosely inspired by the holiday, including a 1988 gem by Aussie band Hunters & Collectors. Alright, so a couple of these songs are by Australian artists. Nothing unpatriotic about that; this isn't the Fourth of July. I'm not on trial here! It's supposed to be a pleasant holiday-resplendent, even!

Eels - Rags to Rags (on Beautiful Freak)

Hunters & Collectors - Back on the Breadline (on Collected Works)

Timbuk 3 - Welcome to the Human Race (on Some of the Best of Timbuk3: Field Guide)

Frente! - Labour of Love (on Marvin the Album)


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