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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sebadoh - "Willing to Wait"

Just noticed a bit of hidden treasure on YouTube; a couple months ago, someone very kindly posted the video for Sebadoh's gorgeous, über-dreamy Valentine, "Willing to Wait", from their 1996 album Harmacy.

In the video, an asteroid with magical powers nudges rightful couples together, helping out true love. So what he meant by "willing to wait" is, he was willing to wait for an asteroid to magically make his true love "see the light", break up with her boyfriend, and "get with him", as the kids say. That is patience. Did I call this a Valentine? It's an unconventional, romantic Valentine to a woman who already has a boyfriend. It counts as romantic because she's not supposed to be with that guy, and because the song is so freaking lovely.


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